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10th Oct 2017



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Our role working in today’s technology-led organization is strategic. It requires us to be a data analyst, a catalyst for change and a technology adopter. We now have to play a major role in strategy development and overall business success. Underpinning all of this is the effective application of technology that enables us to depict our message clearly via business analytics and visual intelligence.

This program aims to provide an introductory understanding on how scientific use of data analysis and data visualization could lead to improved decision making and problem solving.

Learning Objectives

Effective decisions can be derived based on data analysis to provide opportunities for innovative business models, streamlining of cost and performance management. In turn, user-friendly visualization tools and techniques can help management focus on their most important key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Establish a clear vision of their desired business impact that is necessary to shape the integrated approach to source relevant data for model building and decision making.
  • Explore the benefits of data analytics, through use of some basic operational examples of predictive model building.
  • Experience the process of turning 360° leaders’ performance feedback from managers, individuals and teams into human resource analytics.
  • Develop an overview understanding of predictive analytics as a form of business intelligence that facilitates prediction of how people — e.g. customers or staff will act or respond under different dynamic conditions.
  • Examine through use of a case study to define and optimize strategies to attract, recruit, engage and retain candidates with desirable leadership behaviors.
  • Enhance understanding on performance management analytics using predictive modelling to define the characteristics of desirable behaviors of talented staff.

Who should attend?

This training program gives an introductory understanding to the scientific approaches to business analytics and data visualization. It is ideal for managers from any functions, within all types of organizations who want to get an introductory understanding of business analytics and data visualization capabilities.

No prior experience on data analytics or statistical skills would be required.