Leadership and Influence for Women Masterclass, Sydney

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18th Oct 2017 to 19th Oct 2017


Cliftons Sydney

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In this masterclass, we will explore what Leadership is and examine those qualities that make for effective leaders. You will discover how to most effectively communicate the direction you want your team to go and how to inspire excellence in others. We will look in depth at how you can lead a wide variety of people all with differing needs to ensure a high performance cohesive team. Through discussion, presentation, debate and practical exercises you will learn the keys to successfully influencing others using whole systems thinking; how using a holistic approach can benefit not only the whole team and its results, but also yield highly motivated individuals. You will learn how to build a resilient self, able to bounce back from any challenge, discovering the psychological aspects of resilience and most importantly what you can do to develop these. We will end by exploring how you can confidently handle hostile situations and deal effectively with conflict.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what makes a great leader
  • Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles
  • Learn how to create a high-performance environment
  • Understand how to create a growth culture
  • Discover how to create followers
  • Learn how to influence other’s perspectives
  • Understand the importance of a holistic approach
  • Learn how to develop resilience in an ever changing world
  • Develop strategies to manage hostile environments
  • Understand the underlying reasons for conflict and what to do to minimise these

Who should attend?

Any women who are progressing to leadership roles or currently in managerial positions:

  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • VP’s