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Marketing to Chinese Travellers Masterclass

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19th Oct 2017



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The spending power of Chinese travellers is no secret, and many global luxury brands have been targeting this group for a number of years. However, the next five years are going to see a rapid shift not only in the number of travellers, but also in the range of destinations they visit and the products they buy, opening up opportunities for wider variety of businesses, brands and retailers. With every country eyeing a bigger slice of the China market, competition is stiff. How can businesses effectively reach out to Chinese tourists to boost numbers and spending?

Attend Marketing to Chinese Travellers Masterclass and join our 5 Marketing Expert Leaders to hear the latest developments in Chinese outbound travel and acquire digital strategies and tactics to attract Chinese tourists. From Baidu, Weibo, to Ctrip, Dianping, deep dive into the Chinese traveller consumer journey across traditional sources and digital media. High Net Worth vs. Middle Class vs. Millennials vs. Grey Class — break misconceptions and gain an in-depth understanding of the travel habits of your target audience. Acquire digital strategies in Weibo, WeChat, mobile, e-commerce, online travel agencies (OTAs), and free and independent travel (FIT) apps. Discover how to leverage on key opinion leaders (KOLs) and user-generated (UGC) content to successfully engage digitally-savvy Chinese travellers.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how Australia Tourism evolved from attracting three star groups to five star FITs
  • How to become the unexpected hero in attracting new waves of Chinese tourists
  • Gain insights into how to drive FIT growth among Chinese millennials
  • Learn how to successfully leveraged on collaborative marketing to crowd fund Chinese travel
  • Examine failed examples in Weibo engagement and pick up tips on the dos and don’ts
  • Find out how to create an effective marketing channel to communicate to affluent China Tourists
  • Understand what drives the travel and purchasing behaviour of different Chinese consumer groups
  • Identify how to select the relevant digital platforms for your target audience
  • Evaluate what form of content appeals to different categories of Chinese travellers
  • Analyse the challenges and opportunities that the growing FIT and experiential market will provide

Who should attend?

Senior Level Executives responsible for Marketing, Communications, Sales, Business Development, Social media and Digital from Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Gaming, Attractions, Airlines, Cruise industries