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Neuroscience of Leadership Masterclass

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18th Sep 2017to 20th Sep 2017



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18th September 2017, Melbourne
19th September 2017, Sydney
20th September 2017, Brisbane

” Finding Your Leadership Edge “



This masterclass provides practical guidance on identifying the key leadership skills required to become a genuine leader in today’s challenging and increasingly complex business environment.
Amongst these key skills is the quickly emerging Neuroscience of Leadership skills that help to identify and better understand the true drivers of human behaviour as a precursor to better people management and leadership.

In each case it provides insight through the combination of practical discussion of key concepts and driving principles for each leadership skill, as well as fundamental, behavioural based examples for each.

Each attendee through the masterclass will have the opportunity to examine their own actions where they can compare their actual behaviours against ideal behaviours within different situational variables, with a view to identifying any gaps that exist which require identification, personal acknowledgement and ultimately modification.
In every case, leaders remain the critical element that are most directly responsible for translating individual talent and available organisational resources through the agreed organisational processes, into optimal levels of output and production.
To be able to fulfil this requirement, leaders need to continue to refine and grow their own leadership stocks in line with the dynamic nature of the modern-day, business arena.


Learning Objectives

• To identify the six key skill sets required to function as an effective leader in modern organisations
• To identify the connection between the brain and individual behaviours
• To be able to better construct a conducive work environment that allows higher levels of productivity and worker satisfaction through the understanding of neuroscience
• To identify the key elements and traits that are required to apply each of these skills
• To provide practical examples of each skill within the realm of organisational dynamics
• To provide attendees the opportunity to assess their own performance in each area
• To provide a means of identifying any gaps that exist within any of the six key skills
• To provide a means to adjust and modify aspects as required


Who should attend?

This Masterclass will benefit anyone whose job involves leading and engaging people and organisations, including:
• Senior managers
• Team leaders
• CEOs and executives
• Board members
• Human resource managers
• Organisational development managers
• Learning and development managers
• Executive and business coaches
• Organisational psychologists
• Management consultants
• Project managers
• Risk managers