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Project Finance Essentials Masterclass

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12th Sep 2017



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This masterclass provide guidelines for an organization to consider the various financial factors when they want to carry out any project. The masterclass will provide guidelines what is considered as a project, reasons of having a good project financial management. What are the common project management tools and techniques?  Such as quality management, communication management….Management must decide the source of project financing, such as from shareholders, bank loans, leasing of assets, cost difference of each financing. Company need to work out the cost of the project, creating a project budget, what is consider as an effective budget and plan?  Determine resources needs, acquire resources, develop the schedule…To monitor the financial performance of the project, management has to make data analysis, such as cost of materials, cost of labor, equipment, professional fees.., comparing actual cost incurred with budget, taking corrective actions if needed. In order to track the project performance process, management needs to set up a reporting system and resources for such activities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what encompasses a Project
  • What is the difference with the ongoing operations?
  • What are the common project management tools and techniques?
  • Need to have project planning and budget and monitoring the project performance.
  • To consider what are the cost elements of a project? It is important to have a good cost estimate.
  • To consider the various source and cost of project financing.
  • Work out the financial return for a project.
  • Financial risk controlling for a project.
  • Project cash flow management.
  • To meet internal and external fund providers’ expectation when project completed.

Who should attend?

  • Project administrators with no financial knowledge
  • Project support
  • Project coordinators
  • Individuals want to learn about project management in financial aspect